1. Create a List of Keywords to Include for Website Content.
    • The first and most important step in creating a SEO Strategy. Keywords and phrases make it possible for customers to find your site via search engines. Find targeted keywords using platforms like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to compare search volume and competition levels.
  2. Design Webpages for Each Topic.
    • Analyze your keywords list to determine topics for your webpages. Each webpage needs to include relevant copy and content that matches the targeted keywords. This helps customers find you easier when they search.
  3. Create Content that Stands Out.
    • Set yourself apart. Create content that is better or different from your competitors through video messaging, unique landing pages and branded graphics. In a cluttered marketplace you don’t want to look like everyone else.

SCOOTER NOTE: SEO is never done. Update website content monthly to help stay top of mind and top of Search Engine Results. Take the time and research Google Trends to discover new keywords and topics. Make sure to include photos and links to pages on your site to enhance user experience.