1. Review Your Website
    • Identify information that needs revised or new web pages that need created. Update messaging, photos, FAQ’s and/or blog posts to stay current and engage with existing or new customers.
  2. Blog Regularly
    • A free way to position your brand as an industry leader by staying connected and developing relationships with customers. Blogging helps drive traffic to your website and increases your company’s Search Engine Optimization (where you rank in Google Search Results).
  3. Analyze Data Channels
    • Do you know who your customer is? How long they are staying active on your site? Which pages and content are they paying attention too? Review Google Analytics, Google Ads, Paid Social, and/or online sales reports to compare results and determine customer trends.

SCOOTER NOTE: Stay Connected. Maximize customer interaction by staying engaged and analyzing results twice a week. Ensure all platforms such as, Website, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Paid Social are linked together and are sharing data with one another. If you need additional support or resources, we can help.