1. Analyze Data.
    • Company data is essential in evaluating who your audience is and what they are paying attention to. Key factors such as demographics, behaviors, locations and interests can help determine what customers will do and how you will get them to convert.
  2. Target Audiences and Keywords.
    • Targeting specific audiences and/or keywords allows you to reach customers while they are searching content related to your product/service or share common interests with your brand. Use research tools like Google Keyword Planner to determine keyword trends and searchability ranking.
  3. Engage Customers to Convert Leads.
    • Connect with your customers on an individual level. Create personalized website content through messaging, keywords and landing pages. The more focused a landing page is to the customer, the more likely for a conversion or sale.

SCOOTER NOTE: Incorporate specific keywords on ad copy and on corresponding landing pages. Setup ads to drive for conversions not impressions. Adjust ad copy and creative throughout the based-on results and analytics.