Google Marketing announces the 5 C’s to help guide brands and digital marketers at this time.

  1. Context is Key
    • Context is the key to help brands be more empathetic to the needs of its employees.
  2. Constant Reassessment
    • Ongoing reassessment of campaigns, creative collaterals, and even marketing guidelines is needed to keep up with the change.
    • Remember that decisions made two weeks ago are not necessarily appropriate today. You must reassess marketing objectives and strategies for both paid and organic social ads as well as email marketing campaigns
  3. Creative Considerations
    • Evaluate your messaging – from the tone, visual imagery, copy, keywords, and media placements.
  4. Change Priorities
    • Brands need to shift their digital marketing priorities to become a resource to help their their consumers during this time.
  5. Contribute and Help at Every Opportunity
    • Think of creative and innovative ways to help your consumers. Take a look at the brand’s digital assets and think of possible opportunities on how it can support advocacies, and help donations.

SCOOTER NOTE: Incorporate the “5 C’s” from above into your digital campaigns by adjusting marketing campaigns & reassessing scheduled content, evaluating the brand’s look and messaging, and being helpful & not capitalizing on the crisis.