1. With 4.5 Billion internet subscribers globally more companies are creating an online image for their brand.
  2. According to Forbes, “internet hits have increased by 50-70% and now is the time for brands to define their digital strategy and find new ways to communicate.
  3. Be a thought leader and resource for customers.
    • Create engaging paid and organic content which is meaningful and relevant.
  4. Stay active and keep your audience engaged.
    • If you are sending out emails, explain how your business is dealing with the crisis.
    • Reach out to customers individually through personal notes, emails and newsletters.
  5. Track how you customers respond.
    • Customer interests and buying behaviors may have changed. Review posts and digital analytics to help determine strategy moving forward.
  6. Avoid new launches.
    • It’s not the time for any new product launches, they could even have a negative impact on your brand.

SCOOTER NOTE: Now is the time to look long-term at your digital strategy. What can you do today that will help your company in the future? Engage with your customers through social media and personal touches. Don’t try to over-sell, but rather educate and be proactive with your approach