1. Store visits drop by 90% in one month.
    • Many advertisers use Google Ads to track the impact of their online presence to their brick & mortar traffic
    • As more retail stores shut down, business owners have seen dramatic declines week over week and are adjusting their strategy to have more of an online presence by:
      • Designing a simple website
      • Adding a retail location(s) on Google My Business
      • Engaging customers through email and social media
      • Advertising on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and/or Facebook
  2. COVID-19 dominates search terms.
    • Searches related to COVID-19 or Coronavirus have skyrocketed over 100%
      • “Tax Preparation and COVID-19”
      • “Travel Booking and COVID-19”
    • Behavioral and economic changes are causing people to search differently
      • “California lockdown rules” (+4,600%)
      • “When are taxes due 2020 USA?” (+2,050%)
      • “Will grocery stores be open tomorrow” (+3,550%)
  3. Mobile search traffic has declined nearly 25% in March.
    • With people staying indoors and not commuting to work there has been a sudden decline in mobile search traffic
      • Since March, 16 mobile traffic has consistently been down nearly 25%
    • Traffic for mobile is typically cheaper for PPC advertisers, causing a shift in strategy
      • Adjust your device bidding, to focus more on desktop
      • Consider Smart Bidding to adjust CPC bids in real time

SCOOTER NOTE: As shifts in search continue to happen weekly, its crucial to be flexible with your digital and business strategy. Stay up to date on current search and paid social trends, review & adjust your key words based on volume & conversions, add negative keywords to avoid capturing unrelated searches. Click for More Information on Search Trends