1. Don’t be too quick to pause your search campaigns.
    • Evaluate your data before making any decisions. Even though you may see a decrease in orders, you may also see a decline in clicks & ad spend – meaning your Return on Ad Spend (ROA) may be the same or even better.
  2. Shift your sales strategy to promote different items.
    • Certain business areas are seeing an increase in business during this time – such as, vitamins, fitness products, DIY home products e-books, kids craft kits and toys, batteries, and ink and toner cartridges.
  3. Adjust your digital strategy and ad platforms.
    • Google Video and Google Display ads can be an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness. You might not get the immediate business; however, the investment and brand recognition can pay off later.
  4. Offer virtual services
    • Use technology to your advantage. Set-up online meetings & consultations with clients, create an online forum where people can ask questions, highlight new products or services through YouTube and adapt your ad copy to promote these new incentives.

SCOOTER NOTE:Now is the time to clean up your ad accounts and adjust your digital strategies. Test new keywords & ad copy, create & update targeted landing pages, modify ad & site-link extensions to be more focused, review data & analytics to create new and exciting campaigns.