1. Review your accounts
    • Check for drops in traffic, clicks, impressions and conversions.
    • Look for higher costs per click or costs per acquisition.
    • Monitor comments on social media ads.
  2. Communication is key
    • Maintain customer relations and build trust by communication. Keep clients and customers informed on any updates via email, social media and your website.
    • “If your business is affected, Google recommends updating your business hours and description in your Google My Business profile.”
  3. Modify you Digital Strategy
    • Coronavirus could impact every sector and industry, and you want to be sensitive to the matter – depending on your industry, sometimes pausing a certain campaign or adjusting messaging can be more impactful long-term.
    • If you run an e-commerce business keeping your ads up to date with inventory is crucial.
    • Adjust ad bidding if you see a decline in engagement and conversion

SCOOTER NOTE: Stay informed and up to date as new information is shared daily. We will update this feed with current information to help you make strategic decisions for your business or non-profit.