Since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus (COVID-19), a global pandemic, we’re working with our clients to ensure they have current information to make strategic decisions for their business or non-profit. We are looking at the ways COVID-19 may be affecting their paid search and paid social campaigns.
(There’s a lot going on.)

In times like these (economic uncertainty), selected organizations are looking to adjust their digital marketing strategies – some have quickly decreased their ad spend or even stopped their paid campaigns all together, other businesses have increased their daily spend with prospects of capturing new and existing customers.



Are Social Media Platforms and Google blocking paid search or paid social campaigns?
The short answer is no – as long as you are not trying to exploit or capitalize on the situation or claiming you can prevent, cure or treat COVID-19.

Could I see a sudden decline or spike in my paid advertisement campaigns?
Yes, due to the pandemic and market changes you could see unexpected shifts in your clicks, traffic and conversions.

“Paid search reflects the market; it isn’t the market itself. If people’s search trends have gone somewhere else in the moment and your products and services are not rightfully on their mind anymore—that’s a reality.”
WordStream Managed Services Senior Manager Mike Emilliani.

What do I need to look for and how do I get in front of the situation?
Stay proactive and adjust your campaigns based on results & analytics.



Review your accounts

  • Check for drops in traffic, clicks and impressions – these will give you an indication of a change and can lead to a decline in conversions
  • Look for higher costs per click or costs per acquisition
  • Monitor comments on Social Media ads. Times like these can fester misinformation and fear-based comments, which can negatively affect you campaign results (and have an impact on your overall brand)

Communication is Key

  • Maintain customer relations and build trust by proactive communication. Keep clients and customers informed on any updates via email, social media and your website.
  • Again, communication and preparedness breeds calm. The more you work together with your team and inform your clients, the more effective your efforts will be during this time.
  • “If your business is affected, Google recommends updating your business hours and description in your Google My Business profile. Aside from letting people know when they can stop by your business, you can also update your description to give more information regarding any additional precautions you are taking or if there are changes in services. These changes will update your business information on Google Search and Maps.”

Modify your Digital Strategy

  • Coronavirus could impact every sector and industry, and you want to be sensitive to the matter – depending on your industry, sometimes pausing a certain campaign or adjusting messaging can be more impactful long-term.
  • If you run an e-commerce business keeping your ads up to date with inventory is crucial
  • Adjust ad bidding if you see a decline in engagement and conversion
  • Stay informed and up to date. New information is being shared daily so expect more data and analysis within the next few weeks.
  • If you have additional questions or need assistance do not hesitate to reach out using the form below.