Labor Day 2015.  We ended up at Conneaut Lake. We didn’t have plans or reservations, but knew we needed to get out of town and clear our heads. We’d been on deadline for about a year (or so it seemed) and we needed a break.

If you haven’t been to Conneaut Lake it’s magical.  It hasn’t changed in – well – ever. The hotel, the park, the rides, the food – everything just as it was back then. The townies are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Everyone is family. And there’s this quiet energy from the lake. The way it glistens at daybreak heals the soul.

That weekend changed everything. We started Spirit of Isabella, our photography project, we said we’d bike Lake Tahoe (thank you, Chuck), we made a pact to get our motorcycle licenses and we started talking about the work we wanted to accomplish.

We’ve been lucky (really lucky) to work with amazing people. We just needed to do it on our terms.

Cut to March 7, 2017 and the launch of Flying Scooter Productions, LLC.

Photo Note: Nashville, TN. Taken after we finished Harley-Davidson classes for our motorcycle licenses.