July 7 marked our fourth month at Flying Scooter Productions.  Some days it feels like a lifetime and other days it feels like no time has passed at all.  We’ve been on the road mostly.  Directing photo and video shoots, rebranding a few companies in the HBA space and pitching new business.  Managing festivals & events while helping other agencies with brand strategy and product launches.

We’ve met the most amazing people like Dain_NYC and continue to foster relationships in the art community.  We’re so proud of our friends at Radiant Hall and continue to gush when Jeremy Raymer sprays a new wall.

We will be starting a new series “TWO MARTINI LUNCH” featuring some of our favorite people in the industry doing extraordinary things with their lives.  Catch us LIVE on Instagram and FB. That’s where we will be.  We’ll keep you posted on times and dates.  And if you need hired guns or help – feel free to reach out. We’re always on the #go.  Q & J info@flyingscooterproductions.com