Reach and impact for social media are vital for any brand. Making sure your brand stands out on social media from competitors can be challenging. Thankfully, there are several apps on the market that help you express your brand image through social media.

As a student in the marketing industry, I have worked several internships and run accounts to help amplify and elevate the brands I market. Here are 5 app must-haves for branding and marketing I can’t get enough of right now — even working from my iPhone.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is highly advanced and ideal when creating graphics and marketing for social platforms. There are several ways to customize the format of your graphic to fit into the social post you are going for. In my opinion, this app has the cleanest text and design options as well as endless ways to customize your graphic to have animation, icons, and symbols.

Adobe Lightroom
An established aesthetic and color scheme for your brand is key. I never can get enough of Adobe products, both on my desktop and my mobile device. Lightroom is more than just editing a photo — it’s creating an entire photo-editing system. With Lightroom, I can create multiple custom presets to fit into the social media feeds I am running. What makes Lightroom stand out is their color editing tool, where you can manipulate and section off specific areas of your photo where you would like a color to be changed or modified. Although Adobe Spark and Lightroom (as well as other Adobe products) are not completely free, there are many free features that come with the apps.

Prequel is a video editing app that is excellent for social media platforms. It is user friendly and filled with professional-grade filters and colorful effects. The editing tool can be used to adjust lighting, contrast, temperature, and more, and videos can be edited in full screen, square, and portrait settings. When I am trying to create a video to effectively match my feed or create ads from live footage, this is always the app I turn to! Many of the features on the app are completely free.

VLLO is a fantastic option for editing high quality videos from your mobile device. This is an excellent app to add animated text and music, as well as cut the video the way you like. When it comes to editing footage, I usually use VLLO along with Prequel to capture what I envisioned in my marketing. VLLO also has additional options to create animated Instagram stories and gifs. Most features on VLLO are free with the exception of some stickers and text boxes.

Snapseed is outstanding for technical clean-ups and adjustments to your images. This app is one of my favorites any time I am editing a photo that needs a slight change. Snapseed is a free app that utilizes features such as healing, HDR scape, and effects to elevate photography to the next level. Any time I need a quick fix to a photo, I always run it through Snapseed.