In the age of social distancing and working from home, there has never been a better time to get your calendar in order. With many companies working remotely, there are increased virtual meetings and phone calls. It’s easy to lose your Zoom link or meeting request in a sea of emails so our team has found helpful tips to organizing our individual schedules by syncing them to a team calendar.

Scooter Note 1 | Collaborative Calendars
Whether it be Microsoft Teams, an Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar etc., there are plenty of collaborative calendars out there to assist your team in organizing everyone’s unique schedules. This type of calendar has been the most helpful for our team because everyone can not only view it but add an event when necessary as well. If schedules are changing during this busy time, this calendar can reflect these changes in real time, allowing team members to be updated quickly.

Scooter Note 2 | Promptly Save Information
If you receive meeting details such as Zoom links, conference lines or phone numbers without a corresponding meeting invitation, it is crucial to save these links immediately and put it in an invitation on your calendar. It is also important to note that you will need to copy this calendar invitation to your other calendar if your team uses multiple calendars such as Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars. You want to designate a master schedule and tie-in all other calendars.

Scooter Note 3 | Add Production Software to Reinforce Important Dates
Since collaborative calendars are ever changing, it is also helpful to add events and deadlines to production software (like Team members can create project lists that are specific to the individual or team with corresponding due dates. This extra layer of organization is helpful to sift through all calendar invitations and soft the applicable ones to each team member.

This process has always assisted our team in streamlining essential tasks and schedules but it is especially important today. As we have been working from home or on location, communication needs to be at its peak. These tips allow teams to get a hold of everyone’s busy schedule whether they are working remotely or in an office.