1. Wordstream releases strategies to expand your reach on Google, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  2. Update your Google My Business Profile
    • Free listing that shows your business on both Google Maps and Google Local Search results.
    • Verify your company hours.
    • Modify your description to include COVID-19 related items.
    • Indicate industry-specific attributes, such as curbside pickup, drive-through and delivery for restaurants.
  3. Create Google Posts
    • Publish posts to your Google My Business listing for free.
    • Gets your updates and special offers in front of consumers who are ready to engage.
  4. Facebook Lives
    • More people are watching live videos right now than ever before.
    • Facebook Live viewers have increased by up to 50%.
    • Use platform to answer COVID-19 customer questions or provide relevant advice.
  5. Giveaways
    • Get creative and offer Free products or discounts to your customers for connecting on social media.
    • Helps engage current customers and reach new ones.
  6. Use COVID-19 Hashtags
    • Hashtags are a free and yet powerful way to expand your social media visibility.
    • Use targeted hashtags based on your industry or friendly-focused ones to reach audiences:
      • #covidDIY
      • #covidbeautytips
      • #saferathome
      • #stayhome
  7. Repurpose Reviews
    • Use quotes from positive customer reviews and create tweets.
    • These tweets don’t ask customers to leave a review or book a stay, but the positive words and images do leave audiences feeling good.
  8. Support other Local Business
    • Retweet or Repost stories of how other businesses in your community are helping during the crisis.
    • Helps reach new audiences but also supports small businesses near you.

SCOOTER NOTE: These tips are a great way to reach current and new audiences during COVID-19, but they can also be used as part of your social media strategy moving forward. Test various options now and see what works best for your business and customers.