1. Google communicated this week that the changes to the Partner badge program will be delayed until 2021.
  2. In February 2020, Google Ads announced significant changes to its Google Partners badge program including:
    • Maintaining a quality score of 70% or higher
    • Maintaining a 90-day ad spend of at least $20,000
    • Having at least 50% of a company’s users be certified in Google Ads
  3. Many Google Partners are upset with new changes.
    • Greg Finn, Partner at Cypress North, “Google Partners program now favors compliancy over expertise.” He went on to say that “while some Google recommendations are helpful, others are downright harmful to the client performance.”
  4. Advertisers are hoping the delay in the program will give them the time to try and convince Google to adjust these new requirements.

SCOOTER NOTE: It’s uncertain if Google Ads will listen to advertisers and modify these changes. We will continue to monitor the situation and report any news.