1. Twitter is making changes to help monetize its platform.
    • Including sharing more of your data with its business partners.
  2. Twitter reveals their updated privacy policy and how they are using the information to advertise on Facebook & Google.
    • According to Twitter, they are removing a setting that allowed users of the mobile app to control how much personal information they allow Twitter to use in advertising measurements. 
    • The company will monitor how every user interacts with ads to get a better idea of their effectiveness.
    • Other privacy settings like sharing your interests or web and location tracking to help personalize ads are still available and can be disabled.
  3. Twitter says that while it may use IP addresses and advertising device IDs, it won’t share names, usernames, email addresses, and phone numbers.
    • “These changes will allow Twitter to continue operating as a free service, and are “part of our ongoing work around transparency and control. We want to ensure that people understand the settings we provide, what they do and how to use them.”

SCOOTER NOTE: In March 2020, Twitter withdrew its first quarter proposal due to COVID-19 negatively impacting the advertising business despite seeing an 8% increase in daily activity. Privacy updates are continuously taking place. Pay attention to the fine print and understand how your information is being used.