1. Paid social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and Google (Search, Display, YouTube) are continuing to update their ad policies based on the latest COVID-19 news.
  2. The internet advertising companies are shifting their ad policies for some companies as frustration among advertisers continues to grow.
  3. Twitter and Google both have loosened rules against mentioning coronavirus for some marketers.
  4. Twitter made an update, saying it would allow some brands, including Uber, Starbucks and UPS, to promote tweets that reference the virus.
  5. Only “managed Twitter clients” can mention coronavirus, meaning only brands with a direct relationship with the company’s ads team can run these types of promoted tweets.
    • To promote how business practices have changed to adapt to coronavirus
    • To show support for employees and customers
  6. Google is continuing to work on ad policies that could allow more advertising related to coronavirus from brands and others.
  7. Facebook is also adjusting ad policies.
    • Last week Facebook stopped the store traffic goal from being an option for advertisers to comply with quarantine orders

SCOOTER NOTE: With updates in digital marketing happening in real time, it is crucial to review your paid advertisement accounts 1-2 times a day. Stay current on news to see if your industry is or will be able to reference COVID-19 in future ads.