1. The number of US users watching live video on Facebook has increased 50% since January, Bloomberg reports.
    • According to Facebook, “This is a really unique moment. [Facebook has had to] adjust really quickly and really reshape our roadmap.”
    • Facebook is accelerating the development of new Facebook Live features.
  2. New Facebook Live Features.
    • Stay tuned for the following:
      • Watch Facebook Live videos without a Facebook account
      • Automatic closed captions
      • Expansion of digital tipping capabilities to more streamers
      • Toll-free phone numbers for charity streams to take live callers
  3. Facebook Live Producer.
    • New tool & feature that allows page managers take more control of their broadcasts
    • Designed for pages that broadcast live video with higher-end production equipment and software.
      • Managing Live posts, scheduling, and certain types of broadcast settings can be done from one area.
      • Functions such as source details & stream health, plus interactive features like polls, are located within the feed
      • A small stream preview is constantly available in the bottom right-hand corner. Or you can scroll up to reveal a much larger view of the stream.
  4. Facebook is said to be working “incredibly quickly” to develop new ways for users and small businesses to make money on the Facebook platform.
    • Facebook Live is its top priority

SCOOTER NOTE: With video views on the rise and people actively searching for content, now is the time to take advantage of social media features like the new Facebook Live. Strategize new video concepts and messaging that will engage your customers and followers or schedule a Q & A around a product or topic that may be of interest.