1. Digital attention is at an all-time high.
    • More online traffic to Facebook and Instagram = an increase in impressions, larger target audience reach, and lower overall campaign operating costs.
    • Do not test any new campaign initiatives, however if you can afford to keep campaigns active you will be reaching a more captive audience.
  2. Multiple competitors are pausing their campaigns.
    • Many companies have quickly paused their paid ad campaigns – meaning it is now easier to reach and take any shared customers you may have.
    • Less ad competition = Lower cost per click (CPC) and lower cost per impression (CPM).
  3. Brand Awareness is a low-cost strategy
    • Overall conversions during this time are likely to slow down. Try Shifting your campaigns to Brand Awareness, a lower-cost objective.
    • Brand Awareness campaigns generate as many impressions as possible and typically cost only a few cents per result.
    • These campaigns can help your business stay top of mind during these times.
  4. Reach people now, win business later.
    • Update messaging or offers in order build trust, instead of just selling.
    • Be sensitive on how you market to your customers. Offer helpful, thoughtful service, and/or increased value in a time of need.

SCOOTER NOTE: We have all heard during this time “business is not normal”, and the same goes for digital marketing. Now is the time to take a strategic look at your campaigns and objectives. Be mindful of your customers feelings. Sometimes adjusting your campaign message or strategy will help you long term.