Homelessness and addiction, housing and food insecurity, overdoses and immigration. The faces of these issues challenging our city has changed. Women and children are the fastest growing homeless population in Allegheny County. How do you educate people who have never encountered these issues? How do you create a Safe Place for everyone to learn, be heard and heal or bring connection in diverse environments while raising millions of dollars to fund meaningful programming? That’s where we come in.

Our partnership with the largest Rescue Mission in Pittsburgh, Light of Life, is focused on being a good neighbor to all. We leverage stories of those who have been silenced to those fighting the grips of addiction.

Elevating narratives from the street, lifting community and talking about the important issues with experts who exhibit grace and knowledge through the lens of love and joy. We create, produce and direct all videos. New this season, Mission Kitchen,™ a cooking segment with the Chefs from Light of Life (prepping low-budget, delicious meals for everyone) was just picked up by a global, fast casual chain for sponsorship. We create all social media posts – including short length video content for Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts. Over the last year, we have experienced double digit growth in social media following and 100% growth in shares. We leverage these assets to create stories for the press increasing our reach.

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