Ready to go live? Our team has been testing countless live streaming platforms to find the best way to stream live events and shows.

We have found some helpful tips to make for the most seamless streaming. These are three Scooter Notes that we have compiled for when you are hosting a show:

Scooter Note 1 | Test, Test, Test
It is crucial to test all streaming elements before a virtual event or show to ensure that everything is working properly. This includes microphone connection, WiFi signal, and camera access — just to name just a few. If you have a proper run of the show before an event, this will give no room for error during the livestream. You should do a complete run-through before any virtual event (just ask Courtney; she is a firm believer in this process.)

Scooter Note 2 | Make Your Own Stage
Since participates in live events or streams may be calling in from home, it is beneficial to know how to stage your own video. When shooting from a mobile device, make sure to hold your phone horizontally to make for the best video on most streaming sites. It is also helpful to film facing any light such as windows or indoor lighting as to avoid shadows on your video. Lastly, it is important to cut out as much background noise as possible — especially when filming outside.

Scooter Note 3 | Digital Invitations
Since participants and hosts alike will be attending your event or watching your show online, it is important to heavily communicate the process to access the stream. Leading up to your show’s premiere date, post the day and time frequently so the audience can mark their calendar. On the day of the event, post this information again as a reminder and give instructions for viewers to access the video. Your goal is to make this process as easy as possible for attendees and anticipate any question they may have so you can answer it in your posts beforehand.

We have curated these tips through the testing of countless live streaming platforms with trial and error so you will not have to. The world of live streaming is still changing and we are eager for the new capabilities that will come from increased demand of streaming services during times of social distancing. We can’t wait to watch everyone’s streams and shows online — we will see you all live.