1. Since the outbreak, Google has stopped advertising related to the pandemic.
    • As a response to the virus the company revealed that it blocked “tens of thousands” of ads online that were looking to capitalize on COVID-19.
  2. In recent reports it states that Google is easing restrictions on these types of advertisements.
  3. A memo sent to political advertising clients reveals that Google is starting to “phase in” advertisers who can run ad campaigns related to coronavirus.
    • Starting with advertisers that are working directly on the issue such as “government entities, hospitals, medical providers, and NGOs who want to get relevant information out to the public.”
    • These types of advertisers will be allowed to start advertising this week.

SCOOTER NOTE: In the next few days, Google is said to make a public announcement addressing how other advertisers such as consumer brands will be allowed to reference coronavirus and related terms in ads. We will keep you updated on the latest news.