1. Advertisers should consider the context and tone of their messaging.
    • Be sensitive on how certain words may come across
    • Consider if the message is helpful
    • Think about the images and videos shown – is it appropriate to show large gathering of people or human interaction?
  2. Update Business Profiles on Google My Business, to reflect changes during the pandemic.
    • Adjust business hours or say closed if your retail space is not currently open to the public
    • Direct customers to your website if applicable
  3. Review performance metrics of online ads and pause if needed.
    • Significant shifts in conversions rates could require bid adjustments
  4. Google implemented new policies on ad approvals, where the reference to COVID-19 can lead to an ad disapproval.

SCOOTER NOTE: Be mindful of the state of the country and the world. Depending on the context of your ad it could be more beneficial in the long run to pause your campaign or adjust the messaging and/or photo. Reviewing your analytics will give you an indication if people are paying attention and engaging with your business.