If you’ve never worked from home before, you are now experiencing the liberating feeling of having a very serious conversation about work with someone from work while lounging in sweatpants with a bowl of Lucky Charms next to you. Or maybe you’ve designated a place in your bedroom to hold conference calls and you found a nightstand to use as a desk (but first had to move all of your family photos and book collection). That’s cool. We are all improvising for the moment.

Whatever the case may be, here are a few helpful tips to use when WFH (working from home):


This isn’t summer camp. The alarm shouldn’t be going off at 9A when you have conference call at 9A. Get up. Take a shower (or at least put on some deodorant). Eat some breakfast – go on a run, do some yoga. Brush your teeth and get ready. Business hasn’t stopped. You need to be fresh(ish) and ready to go. Plus, this is your time to show your real skills. Step it up.


Where you conduct your business is your business. Working from a couch is great (it is, I know). But if your back starts hurting mid-day make sure you take time to stretch or move locations. Getting out of the house and walking or biking (while practicing social distancing) is important. Gotta keep that brain sharp.


Turn on some lights when you’re working.
Spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices may actually change the brain’s structure and hurt your ability to remember and learn. Why? Because the neuroscientists at Michigan State University say so. Read this: https://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2018/does-dim-light-make-us-dumber/


If you have dead zones – get a wireless mesh system. If you internet sucks, upgrade it. Connection is key here people. Ask your company to reimburse you for the upgrade.
Read this for mesh systems: https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-wi-fi-mesh-network-systems


Everyone knows a #POORJENNIFER AND as unfortunate as her situation was FOR HER (and me, not because we share the same name BUT this is my worst fear EVER) – it teaches us all a few life lessons:

BE PREPARED. Do you have a pen that works? Is your laptop plugged in? Did you shut off your video feed before you take your computer into the bathroom? Ask yourself, “Why am I taking my computer into the bathroom?”

TAKE A MINUTE. If you have conference calls or video calls back-to-back as many of us do, Take a minute. You can say you need 5 minutes before starting your next call. (Is your video feed off?)

PRIVACY. This goes out to all of you that are snapping photos and sharing videos that are private. Everyone makes mistakes but to embarrass someone globally is another level of evil. I hope someone is revoking your privileges.

I also hope that Jennifer gets to be spokesperson for the next
ZOOM and AVIATION Whiskey Campaigns. Anyone know Ryan Reynold’s number?

Thanks for reading. Remember, be kind to one another and be kind to yourself.
(Final Reminder: Don’t forget to turn off your video feed.)