The marathon is this weekend.

We normally run the half.  We might run.  We might not.
The training didn’t happen as it should.  (We didn’t make the time to train. Work came first as it often does with us.) We’re one year in plus a couple of days. We’re serious about this Flying Scooter thing.  So work we did. But in the middle of work –  we saw a few things.  A lot of things actually.  Talked, laughed and cried with a bunch of really amazing people.  And some of them left us speechless.  Some of them reminded us of the beauty of spirit.  The spirit the lives within each of us.  The drive to be something better.  Do something to make an impact.  There’s something about these people here – in our city – that leave a mark.  (Maybe it’s a Pittsburgh Penguins temporary tattoo but it’s a mark nonetheless.)

It’s the tenth year anniversary of the Pittsburgh Marathon.  The tents in Point State Park will soon be arriving. And so will the people. Thousands of people. Young and old.

This beautiful community will celebrate the crossing of a finish line.

The runners. The hand-cyclists. The walkers. The kids.

Strangers will cheer for each other.  Applauding the accomplishment of another mile passed – of a line finally crossed.  As a participant or supporter.  Each with their own story of how they got there.

It’s one moment where there is only one race.

We are proud of our city and the people here. We wanted to celebrate our one year with a grateful heart.  A humbled spirit.  We wanted to share a few of the stories that took our breath away.

We hope they inspire you to continue to rise.  To continue to pursue. To continue to go.

Happy 10th Anniversary Pittsburgh Marathon.


Flying Scooter Productions

Production Note:  Thank you to our incredible crew for helping us tell these stories.  Anita, Kelly, Phil, Emmai, Jack, Nathaniel, Melissa & Jess.  Thank you to Stone Neapolitan Pizzeria for the always amazing food.