If anyone knew what this year would be like – it wasn’t us.  There’s a million reasons WHY (thanks, Lady Gaga) to stay tucked in your place but you only need one reason to go.  Doesn’t matter what it is – this WHY – people talk about the WHY all the time. “What’s Your WHY?” “Define Your WHY?”  That’s fine. But really it comes down to this:  How much are you willing to compromise to endure the present? How much do you listen to voices (and maybe it’s your own voice) that keeps you nailed down to the floor in front of you.  Ya.  Knock that off.  It isn’t worth it.  You’re wasting time.

And if people make you feel bad – you’re allowing it.  We say, “Your purpose is too important for that nonsense.”

So go. (Seriously though – go.)

Because once you go – you don’t know where the Good Lord is gonna take ya.

This year, we have logged thousands of miles, met and worked with the most amazing people and continue to be blown away by the brilliance of our incredible friends.

We don’t often talk about the work we do, but one project, “EYE OF THE NEEDLE” is making it’s way into colleges and high schools.  Green lit and backed by Light of Life Rescue Mission, EOTN is an interactive art installation and documentary-short giving light to the opioid epidemic in Pittsburgh.  Not only did it raise money for Light of Life it gave permission to speak frankly and share honestly what is happening in homes, camps and shelters across the Pittsburgh region.

In 2018, it becomes a vehicle to educate parents, teachers and students and raise the level of discussion of the disease killing the ones we love.  We are so humbled by the response of the community and the other storytellers of this epidemic.  (If you have time to read the OD ROAD series in the Post Gazette by Rich Lord it will keep you awake at night.)

Light of Life launched LIGHTLINE in-conjunction with EOTN.  It’s the next step in fighting this battle on the front lines.  No judgement.  Just love, shelter, help and hope.  The work they do every single day is nothing sort of miraculous.  If you haven’t watched it – here it is:


We wish you an incredible New Year.  We move into our new digs January 15.  If you need a place to hang, business advice or a really strong cup of Joe (or all 3) – let us know.


Know someone who is fighting addiction or if you are struggling call LightLine at 888.412.0036 or go here: https://www.lightoflife.org/lightline/