5 Helpful Tips for Digital Marketing

Determining how to market your business is a multifaceted task that can be extremely overwhelming. Not only do you have to know the terminology and technical procedure, you also need to consider who to target on which platform. So, how do you break through the haze of beginning and launch a successful digital marketing campaign?

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Flying Scooter Productions Receives Two Telly Awards for Eye of the Needle

We are honored to be recognized for the work we have done for Light of Life Rescue Mission. Here's the thing - we didn't do it alone. The story goes like this...

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Jessi. Ashli. Brian. Cicely. Bryan.

When we meet incredible people, our first instinct is to find a camera and hit record. That’s what we did to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

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People talk about dreams all the time.

Want to reach those dreams?  Stop sleeping in.

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If anyone knew what this year would be like – it wasn't us. There's a million reasons WHY (thanks, Lady Gaga) to stay tucked in your place but you only need one reason to go...

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Help Wanted. Apply Within.

We are hiring! Looking for two brilliant souls. 2-3 years of experience | Corporate, Agency, Small Business College Degree in Marketing, Business, Advertising, PR or Communications.

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On the road again

July 7 marked our fourth month at Flying Scooter Productions.  Some days it feels like a lifetime and other days it feels like no time has passed at all.  We've been on the road mostly...

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Labor Day 2015.  We ended up at Conneaut Lake. We didn't have plans or reservations, but knew we needed to get out of town and clear our heads. We'd been on deadline for about a year (or so it seemed) and we needed a break...

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