Two weeks before a global conference, we were asked by a client to join a site visit at the chosen venue. We’re not saying all venues lack an understanding of objectives and execution but when a team begrudgingly brings in their AV team to collaborate, you begin to question their implementation practices.

This happens often. Very often. Even with the most experienced event planners (and we’ve worked with many) at seemingly the best venues in the country. What we’ve found is sometimes the client experience becomes a cookie cutter approach instead of a focused, customer-centric experience.

That doesn’t fly with us.

So we said, “Of-course” and went to the meeting. Much to the venue’s chagrin, we changed 90% of the production elements and support. We added a team and went on to produce a great event, simultaneously filming and editing a mini doc to close out the event.

Events are opportunities to light people on fire for an organization or a cause. They are experience driven. Messaging is vital. Flow is essential. Feeling is everything.

We’re different planners, event producers and filmmakers because the event doesn’t end when the lights shut off at the end of the night. You have to plan for longevity and message staying power.

What was the last event you went to or produced? How did you feel when you left? Did the event do its job? Do you know what job it was supposed to do?

If you’re not ablaze with passion and action, time to rethink your production partners.

Call us, we’ll light your brand up.