You are probably asking yourself, “What exactly is a Brand ID?”

A Brand ID is not only a reference guide that includes information on the standardization of a company’s logo, tagline and colors, it is a guide that incorporates a company’s mission, vision, points of difference and messaging. For many companies, it is an essential element that helps maintain brand standardization throughout their organization.

Here are a few reasons for why you need a Brand ID:

Brand Consistency & Brand Recognition

A Brand ID helps ensure usage consistency of a company’s visual identity. With a Brand ID in place, all of your creative assets have the same colors, typography, images, etc. and should represent and reflect the true personality of your company and business. These items are important for everything from printing materials, apparel, vehicle imaging to customer environment, online presence and more.

Your Brand ID helps build assurance (and insurance) that people will continue to recall your brand, it’s unique qualities and points of difference.

Set Your Standard Rules

Question: Do you know the color build of your brand? CMYK Breakdown? RGB? What’s the grayscale conversion of your logo? These questions might seem trivial but as you build the standards for your company, this information serves as a critical reference to even the content creators. When such rules are in place, it helps in determining and maintaining those elements.

Convey A Cohesive Message

While a brand has many visual elements such as a logo, website, business card, brochures, etc., the message of each one should be the same for your target audience. Your Brand ID should include key messaging that conveys your brand statements to ensure consistency across all genres.

Training Tools

A Brand ID is helpful when reviewing brand elements with new employees, partners, agencies and outside resources. It’s especially helpful in franchise and direct marketing companies where more people have the opportunity to do self or regional promotions. A Brand ID helps eliminate the desire to “create” singular concepts which can be damaging for a brand.

Is your Brand ID up-to-date? Does your company have a Brand ID? Have you reviewed it with your internal team? Let us know your tips for creating a managing Brand ID. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Of course, if you need help – call us, we can help.