It’s no secret the world is more physically isolated now, however, recent studies found that we may not be as “socially” distant as we think. With more time at home and less time spent at events, there is a call for more virtual events, more creativity, and more technology.

According to a GlobalWebIndex survey, there has been a 10.5% rise in social media usage as of July 2020. It makes sense that there is a correlation between people spending more time at home and an increase in social media activity – it is important to note how people want to spend their time.

With so many options, users can now be selective with how they spend their downtime. Social media is primarily being used to combat boredom, which is resulting in more creative content. Not only are users spending more time on creating more imaginative content, brands are shifting their strategies and becoming more creative themselves.

An app that stands out for its users’ creative content is TikTok. In the month of March, TikTok added 12 million unique U.S.-based visitors, which according to, crossed the 2 billion download mark in April. TikTok has been the perfect storm for entertainment during this time with quick, 15-60 second videos that have a feed curated to fit the users’ interest.

At the heels of recent privacy concerns and a new partnership with Oracle for TikTok, another option arrived – Instagram Reels. Although Reels is a recent release, they have a unique edge because pre-established Instagram accounts can now make Reels content for their existing audience. Brands can start using Reels at any time to their current Instagram audience rather than building a new one.

Another way that brands and users alike can use Instagram for entertainment is by creating hashtags. If users are feeling alone right now and are craving a “social” connection, a way to engage may be: “developing hashtags that encourage people to share images of themselves using a product is a clever way. This can create a sense of togetherness and encourage creativity at the same time.” ( Hashtags can help organize content that users are sending in related to your event or campaign and brings a sense of unison.

Users are now more likely to participate in a campaign such as this. Sproutsocial found that engagement across social media platforms has increased an average of 44 engagements per day and 7.3 engagements per post as of April 2020.

SCOOTER NOTE: These findings show where users are spending their time and the trends of engagement. This is a good time to get creative and make social media “social” by implementing interactive content. They also prove that users are enjoying short, interactive videos and content. Across all social platforms, this is something that can be incorporated in your social schedule. This content can range from stories with moving parts or short video clip posts to capture the attention of your audience. There are ample opportunities for creativity and advancement.